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We guarantee that PodHero will grow your audience and save you time & money. If not, we will happily refund your most recent monthly payment.


What happens when I start a free trial?

You get a fully-functional account for 2 weeks, which gives you access to everything PodHero has to offer. If (and only if!) you love it, you will be asked to enter your your card and it will be charged a monthly fee. We'll even email you a couple days before your trial expires to remind you. This ensures that your access to your tools won't get cutoff right before you release that next episode!

Who made PodHero?

My name is Kyle Martin and I'm a podcast aficionado.

My feed is currently full with episodes for: The Tesla Show, Criminal, How I Built This, Crimetown, Daily Devotional, Reply All, Freakonomics, Hidden Brain, MegaMaker, Mixergy, Planet Money, Podcast.__init__, The Podcaster's Survival Guide, SaaS Open Mic, Sleep With Me, The Smart Passive Income Podcast, Snap Judgement, The Tim Ferris Show, This Week in Machine Learning & AI Podcast, Hardcore History, Zero to Scale, 99% Invisible, and Startups For The Rest Of Us.

Do you work with my podcast host?

Yes! We work with every podcast host under the sun.

Do you work with Wordpress?

Yes! Our Website Review Widget WP plugin works with almost every theme.

What's the setup process like?

It takes 25 seconds or less. Simply add your podcast via our dashboard. Then you're off to the races!

Can I change my plan?

Anytime! If you have a free plan or a paid plan, you can upgrade or downgrade in a snap.

Can I buy you a Tesla Model 3?

Absolutely, thank you.