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iTunes Keyword Researcher

Discover how people find your show on iTunes

This tool tells you how people find your podcast on iTunes.'s better than download statistics!

It uncovers the top keywords your podcast shows up for on iTunes.

These are the search terms that people are mostly likely finding you with. Use this knowledge to double-down on content with those topics!

In fact, it can you uncover ANY podcast’s top iTunes keywords.

You can even research your competitors to find content topics that you’re missing.

iTunes Keyword Tracker

Better than download stats

This tool helps you how well your marketing is working.'s better than download statistics!

It measures how visible your podcast is on iTunes for any topic or keyword.

The more iTunes visibility you have, the faster your audience grows. The faster your audience grows, the more visibility iTunes rewards you with.

Each week this tool searches iTunes for any topic you desire and measures exactly where your podcast stands in iTunes.

As you try new marketing tactics or cover new topics, you'll be able to see what is working over time.

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