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Do you know how to market your podcast?

Podcasting. So much promise, so much confusion.

You've scoured the internet for something designed for you...a platform that allows you to market and produce your podcast efficiently.

The question is: why aren't there any marketing tools made just for podcasters?

We saw this problem too -- that's how PodHero was born.

Maybe you've tried to grow your subscriber count and found that it takes a lot of time.

Or maybe you're tired of just sharing on Facebook with little engagement.

In 2017, a social share just doesn't cut it.

You've heard for years that great content and smart marketing are the keys to building authority; from recording to editing to promoting. But it's been too complicated and time consuming to do it right.

If this sounds familiar, you're going to love PodHero.

"Creating an amazing show is about 30% of the equation. The other 70% is marketing and relationship building."

Cliff Ravenscraft
Podcast Answer Man

Try free for 14-days

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Audio Production Tools

Audio Enhancer

Automate the technical hurdles to make your vocals sound amazing.

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Rapid MP3 Tagger

Rapidly add or edit MP3 tags of your episode files.

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Podcast Marketing Tools

Social Video Creator

Turn your episodes into social media gold.

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Episode Media Kits

Leverage your guest’s audience with a media kit creator.

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Website Review Widget

Ask your audience to review your show 5 stars right on your website.

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Podcast to Youtube

Automatically push your latest episode to YouTube.

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Social Media Scheduler

It’s like Meet Edgar but geared toward podcasters marketing needs.

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iTunes Power Tools

Worldwide Review Tracking

When you get a new review on iTunes, from any country, you will be notified.

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iTunes SEO Tools

Optimize, track, research, and visualize your iTunes SEO.

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New & Notewothy Alerts

Instantly be notified if you’ve landed in the iTunes N&N section.

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"Podcasting is an incredibly exciting medium to grow your business, and it has allowed me to generate over $250,000 a month with multiple streams of income."

John Lee Dumas

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